Производство и поставки
химического сырья

Our Mission

The growth of competitiveness of domestic enterprises with help of new advanced materials and technologies to reate world-class products.

  • Epoxy products
  • Raw materials for paint
  • Raw materials for CFRP
  • Raw materials for civil engineering
  • Marketing research
  • New prospective projects (evaluation and launch)
  • Additives for PVC, PP, PE production
  • Polymer compounds
  • PVC, PP, PE
  • Polymer trading
  • Basic epoxy products
  • Hardeners
  • Rowing

RUS Chemicals Sales Territory

Our Key Advantages

  • Big volume of products on our warehouse – quick shipment
  • Any epoxy product on demand (samples and industrial lot) in short time
  • Technical support from our sales and technical team
  • Basic formulations for the most common applications
  • Independent laboratory tests of quality for raw materials and final products
  • Big volume of samples on our warehouse
  • Effective logistics
  • Flexible financing


Adress: 73, Petergofskoe shosse, St. Petersburg, 198206, Russia

Tel. +7 812 407-26-96