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PROpolymer Monolit

PROpolymer Monolit is a versatile polymeric modifier for mastic asphalt mixes, containing over 80% polymer content. The composition of the modifier includes wax, processing, and functional additives. The recommended dosage is 0.6−0.64% per ton of mix.

  • Replaces SBS and is more cost-effective;
  • Replaces polymer-modified binder without compromising quality;
  • Allows the mixture to be heated up to 220 °C.

PROpolymer Monolit
PROpolymer MA 123

Key indicators based on the Standard Technical Specifications STO 05438250-004-2023:

Application Advantages:
  • Introduction of the "PROpolymer Monolit" additive into the asphalt concrete mix in the amount of 4-6 kg per ton of asphalt concrete mix:
  • More cost-effective and replaces SBS
  • Replaces polymer-bitumen binder without compromising the quality of the binder
  • Enables heating of the mixture up to 220 °C
  • Enhances the workability of the asphalt concrete mix
  • The indentation depth of the stamp at 40 °C is 28% below the standard required by GOST R 54401-2020
  • Provides resistance to plastic deformations—the average rut depth is up to 0.9 mm
  • Enhances the hydrophobic properties of the roadway infrastructure, achieving a water resistance coefficient of 0.93
  • Enhances the operational characteristics of the road surface, reduces surface noise, improves tire traction, and decreases the likelihood of accidents.

Expenses optimization for:
  • Preparation and processing of polymer-bitumen binder
  • Storage facilities for polymer-bitumen binder
  • Additional staff
  • Logistics

  • Big Bag 500/1000 kg

  • Railway, air, auto

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